1. Our mission statements

At Tina we match our customers with the best insurance policy to meet their needs and customers will see value whenever they use direct billing or have to make a claim.

Tina Insurance Consultant Agent Services was established by Ms. Tu Cam Ngoc Dinh, to better meet client needs for reliable and transparent insurance policy and procedures. There are many insurance companies out there offering a range of policies and at Tina we will determine which policy is best for you. Once you have to make a claim we will assist you with this process. Making a claim can be an arduous process but does not need so be so. We will assist you so that you will experience a transparent, reliable and speedy process and you will see that you get what you paid for. Tina prides itself in that no customer will get disappointed and we will take every step we can, so there is no misunderstanding of what their policy gives them. Most customers will make a claim at some time. For some insurances you will need immediate advice at the time of an accident, sudden illness or flight delay and Tina will not be absent when needed. An insurance policy that has no surprises for you later and has no obscuring letter writing causing delay and confusion (we will prevent this happening to you) is what Tina will secure for you.

  1. Our qualifications

The director of Tina is Ms. Tu Dinh who has seven years of experience in the insurance industry and prior to this worked for five years as a health professional (as a nurse and qualified physiotherapist). Ms. Tu Dinh is highly experienced as an agent in the insurance industry, knowing what advantages there are in matching different insurance providers in the market with a particular customer’s needs.

  1. Our services

We are here to ensure that customers get the best solution for their insurance needs. This will usually involve discussions on what the needs are and letting you know through our customer friendly quotation process, what your options are. Customers have different circumstances, though their requirements for a reasonably costed and reliable insurance policy will be the same. We advise you on aspects of insurance policies that need time to read and understand well. Getting value for your money is what Tina does as a trustable and professional agent.