A leader in global health benefits


Aetna International is one of the industry’s largest and most prominent international healthcare benefit providers. Aetna delivers comprehensive health benefits and population health management solutions worldwide.

Aetna is a world leader in providing health care benefits with a 160-year heritage of strength and expertise with:

Excellent services:

  • Direct settlement worldwide for inpatient and daycare with more than 1.1 million medical providers in the USA and nearly 165 medical providers elsewhere in the world; outpatient direct billing in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia
  • Red 24/7 services – Safety advice and assistance, on-the-ground crisis management support
  • Scanned claim documents are acceptable and no VAT invoice is required
  • Treatment at a private doctor is payable
  • Worldwide and Vietnam hotline 24/7
  • Medical evacuation:
  • Aetna is partnered with some of the world’s most trusted medical evacuation and air ambulance providers
  • Aetna CARE team works with doctors and arranges medical transportation at the earliest
  • Aetna CARE Team continues to monitor the member while hospitalized to be able to plan for discharge and care management (if necessary)
  • Transparent, fast and fair claim procedures

Discount and Renewal Guarantee:

  • Free premium for 2nd, 3nd and 4th child under 18 years old
  • Ability for child (0-17 years) placing a stand-alone policy
  • No renewal premium loadingfor individually high claim experience (except due to medical inflation and age-band)
  • No-claim discount up to 25%
  • Possibility of continuous cover when member relocates to another country

Area of cover

  • Area 1: Worldwide
  • Area 2: Worldwide, not including USA

Optional plans

  • Maternity
  • Personal Accident
  • Travel

Choice of saving premium

  • Excess/medical condition in each plan year: $45/$850/$1,700/$4,200/$8,500

Payment frequency

  • Annual, Semi-annual (+5%), quarterly (+7.5%), monthly (+12%)

Ultracare – Eligibility:

  • Citizen of all nationalities
  • From 1 day old to 74 years old (new enrollment) and renew lifetime
  • Resident in Vietnam for a period at least 06 months

Download Brochure – Ultracare Brochure – English

Product Range Overview

PlanSummit 1750ExplorerSummit 2500Summit 4000Summit 5000
Overall plan limit: $1,750,000 $100,000 $2,500,000 $4,000,000 $5,000,000
Inpatient & Daycare treatment:Paid in fullPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in full
Cancer cares (both inpatient & outpatient):Paid in fullPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in full
Medical evacuation & repatriation:Paid in fullPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in fullPaid in full
Outpatient cares: Not covered$1,500$5,000$15,000Paid in full
Dental cares:Not coveredOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Wellness/ health check-up:OptionalOptionalOptional$500$1,000
Maternity Not coveredOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

Area of cover:

  • Area 6: Africa, plus Asia (excl. China, HK, Singapore) and the Middle East (excl. Kuwait, Qatar & the UAE)
  • Area 5: Area 6 plus Europe and Latin America
  • Area 4: Area 5 plus Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Qatar, Singapore & the UAE
  • Area 3: Area 4 plus China
  • Area 2: Worldwide excluding the U.S
  • Area 1: Worldwide including the U.S. Area 1 is only available with Summit 5000


Company / Organization operating in Vietnam:

  • Minimum 3 employees of all nationalities joining this plan
  • Employee can either live in Vietnam or oversea
  • Except employee who is US citizen living in the US or employee living in sanction countries

Download Brochure – Sumit VN Brochure – English